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By Charles on January 9, 2013

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 0f 2012

Now that we are in 2013 many are looking forward to what will be coming out, but we here at EUKicks would like to look back on a pretty crazy year in kicks. To do this we have asked many of Europe’s great retailers and influential sneaker people to create lists of there favorite kicks from 2012. We would like to kick this off with none other than TEAM PATTA, and who better than Tim Sabojo who manages the store.

10)  Patta x Reebok Workout

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num10 Reebok Workout x Patta

Sometimes you gotta pat yourself on the back. We thought about it and came up with this and if you ask me, we did a pretty swell job…


9) Nike Flyknits

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num9 Nike Flyknits

Finally some new fly runner shit, the way these shoes look is just ridiculous. I’m usually pretty disappointed in the new runner shit but this one stood out for me. They did a supreme job on it, it’s a must have.


8) Ewing 33 Hi

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num8 Ewing 33 Hi

To be honest I didn’t cop them, but they were so similar to the original, I just had to put them in and salute them people.


7) New Balance M990 OG

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num7 New Balance M990 OG

They are the kings of simple and I like me some simple shit, no crazy colors no nothing, you see what you get and that is a solid high quality shoe.


6) JD Sport Exclusive Nike Air Pegasus 89

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num6 JD Sport Nike Air Pegasus 89

This shoe brings back a lot of memories, the pegasus was mad popular back in the days and you were the king if you rocked that shit. Since Ilove that feeling i had to cop them again and again..


5) Woei x Asics Gel Lyte III

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num5 Woei x Asics Gel Lyte III
My big Chinese friend Woei killed it, i really loved the colorway and the whole concept. It was obvious that he really thought it through. The details on the shoe are pretty sick, I had to big him up…


4) Supreme x Nike Air Force 1

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num4 Supreme x Nike Air Force 1

They did it again. nuff said.


3) Footpatrol x Le Coq Sportif

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num3 Le Coq Sportif x Footpatrol

The people at Footpatrol who are responsible for this shoe should be locked up cause that shit was straight murder! Some pow pow boogie shit! I was on a war path to get that shit and yes I succeeded or else I would get locked up, this shit is murderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Jarule voice)


2) 24 Kilates x Asics Gel Saga

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num2 Asics Gel Saga x 24  Kilates

My people from Barcelona Pol and Ricky did an amazing job. The color combo is pretty solid and the concept is also pretty tight; you can tell that they are sneaker lovers. They have been putting out some bangers and this one is another headbangerboogie. Nothing but RESPECT!!!!


1) Kangaroos x Patta Woodhollow

EUKicks Patta Tim Top 10 of 2012 Num1 Kangaroos x Patta

Ask Yeezy, he knows. The collabo with Kangaroos is especially dope to me ’cause I used to rock that shit back in the days and I was pretty excited to work with Kangaroos and come up with something that you could rock in the winter and still look fly, I think we succeeded.


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