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Sneaker Snapshots Q&A pt12

2016 Year End Special Pt2 of 2

By Tom M on December 31, 2016

… and for our final part 2016 Year End Sneaker Snapshots Special, we have some killer sneakers here, can you spot the way killer Air Max 1 Flyknit 1 Hybrids (like seriously?!), Dizzee Rascal AM90’s, vintage cage Prestos, and classic OG Mesh Pink Pack Air MAx 1’s! Without a doubt the continued growth of the UK Sneaker & Lifestyle events shows just how varied the UK sneaker community has become and 2017 is bound to bring even more diverse and eclectic displays in sneakers and streetstyle.

Many thanks to all the participants who took part, we look forward to capturing you at next years biggest UK events!! Stay tuned for our forthcoming 2016 review /lookback and see just what we enjoyed and took notice of, right here at EU Kicks for all your latest sneaker drops and event news.

(All photography by EU Kicks)


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