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Sneaker Snapshots Q&A pt11

2016 Year End Special Part 1 of 2

By Tom M on December 31, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, and what a year for sneakers it has been, we bring you the 1st of our 2 part, year end Sneaker Snaphots Q&A: UK Collectors Edition. Captured earlier at this autumns Crepe City Festival in London. Attendees who took part keenly displayed many diverse styles with as much individuality as their choice of footwear. Notable pairs seen included a sample pair of Playstation Air Force 1’s which we have seen fetch almost £10k! (Apologies to you sir! We seem to have misplaced your Q&A! Get in touch!)  Some of our favourites included Grand Piano Air MAx 1’s, Ricardo Tisci Air Force 1’s and much more.. The UK has the heat, and it was great to see them being rocked!

Many thanks to all the participants who took part, we look forward to capturing you at next years events!! Stay tuned for UK collectors pt12 and to EU Kicks for all your latest sneaker drops and event news.

(All photography by EU Kicks)

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