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By Mark Sabb on October 15, 2012

There’s no better find for a sneakerhead than a cosignent shop that isn’t over-shopped or boosted with too much hype, and thats exactly what you get with Fresh Exclusive based out of Charlotte, NC. The owner of the shop, Fresh, has built a strong network of collectors, public relation specialists and more that are helping him branch out from being a one store location to a complete consignment powerhouse.

Fresh Exclusive is packed wall-to-wall with kicks you won’t see in many other places, especially in the south. Fresh makes a point to get in kicks that are exclusively dead stock or haven’t even come out yet, so if you’re looking for a new place to check out whats coming next make sure to visit the shop, and if you can’t make it out, head on over to their website after checking out the video.

Sneaker Shops Around The World | Fresh Exclusive, Charlotte, NC, USA

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