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2016: A Year of Sneakers in Review

A lookback to some of our favourite Sneakers of 2016

By Tom M on January 1, 2017

Here we are, a new year is upon us and as it seems to happen alot these days, we nearly almost can’t recall all that dropped 3 maybe 6 months ago, 12 months would be a total stretch and I think we all know that. It’s been a great year for kicks and increasingly with every year, there’s more and more choice, brands, variety from and at every level. Notably, closing out this year has seen adidas increase their footwear market share by 3% and reposition themselves as the big no.2, while the big no.1 remains just that. Impressive feats and congratulations due to the brand with 3 stripes. This year, we have had adidas Originals Boost dominate alongside Kanye Wests indomitable imprints, the Nike Air Mag came back from the future, and raffled everyone into a frenzy, Air Jordans were strong on the retro program, while smaller and no less exceptional offerings from Karhu, Brooks, came and stole quiet attention while winning over new fans. Amazing kicks from just about everyone, and then some.

So as means to start as 2016 ends, we wish you all an amazing new year ahead, and here Paige and myself take a brief snapshot look back (maybe there’s a part 2?) at what we view as notable personal favourites, and no, it’s not a end of year list, best of, winner countdown of any sort, these sorts of things are usually divisive anyway and we like to think that everyone’s personal taste and selection is a winner, regardless of brand and/or product. And to be honest, it’s a snapshot, otherwise the selection could be endless! So here’s a few of ours… enjoy!

(Thanks to Paige B)

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