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By Aaron Levy on July 1, 2014


Thanks to the internet, the global sneaker community remains in-tune to many of the same releases and style cues. However, subtle variations in taste, climate and terrain give each scene its identity.

In Texas, for example, Jordans still reign supreme. And, while it’s the annual H-Town Sneaker Summit event that puts Texas on the global footwear map, many other smaller, regional Texas footwear communities exist.

Killeen, TX, for example, recently hosted its first sneaker convention, Get Laced Vol. 1. Thanks to the small, passionate team at consignment shop Double Laced, the small town best known for being home to Fort Hood — where two mass shootings have occurred in the past five years — is now on the sneaker map. Held June 29, Get Laced brought out collectors, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from Dallas, Austin, Houston and beyond. As you’ll see (Scroll down for all the pictures), Jordans, KD’s, LeBrons and Nike basketball shoes prevailed, but there were also some impressive runner and SB collections.

The event was a great time and I have to give a huge shoutout to business partners Alice and Candie for building something out of nothing in such a small town. Open bar for Vendors and VIP, food and steady beats made for a great day.

For such a small town, the event showcased some serious heat and drew in lots of young heads. I had the chance to profile two different collectors. (I apologize for the dark and slightly blurry pictures. I was caught unprepared with only my zoom lens and the light was very dim.)

Larry York from Arlington, Texas

Larry York

How long have you been collecting sneakers?

“Since high school. I’m 34, so 15 years or so.”

Is it about making money for you, or do you collect out of passion?

“I don’t sell unless I have doubles , otherwise it’s just a passion. Now I got my son into it. He’s 14.”

I notice you have a lot of basketball shoes. Is that what you’re into?

“Jordan. I grew up with Jordan, so thats my whole thing. Couple Lebrons, but… yeah.”
(below are some pictures of Larry’s collection)


Luis Gamez from Austin, Texas (by way of Chicago)

Luis Gamez (on the left) pictured with his friend.

How long have you been collecting for man?

I’m 19, been collecting shoes for 7 years.”

Is it more of a business venture or just for the love of collecting?

“Both, I see it as a business and a culture. I love what I do. There’s always a new shoe that I want and there’s always money to be made. ”

You’ve got some serious heat here. How do you acquire your sneakers?

“I always test my luck. I have really good connections and I do get pretty lucky. I have a lot of connections outside the state so that helps me out.”

What influences your taste?

“It’s whatever looks good to me. I like basketball and runners.


Only a fraction of Luis’ collection. You don’t see many Patta AM1’s in small-town, Texas!

Check out the rest of the pictures from Get Laced Vol. 1 bellow

Owners of Double Laced and event coordinators Alice and Candie.
Owners of Double Laced and event coordinators, Alice and Candie.





















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