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By Tom M on September 29, 2017

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It is with an incredibly sad and heavy heart that we report the untimely passing yesterday of Mr.Gary Warnett, the most revered sneaker culturist, author and former editor/creative director at the much loved and pioneering Crooked Tongues online resource.

The friendly Bedford native was always humble and approachable, willing to discuss sneakers whenever we crossed paths, movies, apparel, music (any genre, pick one!), comic books, you name it, at length and in remarkable depth. His work at and post CT took his knowledge borne from being a self confessed sneaker culture obsessive to writing for, and consulting with, the very elite of todays biggest publications, brands and products to include Hypebeast, Complex, Nike, Supreme, adidas, Reebok, New Balance and many more. His writing and brand work saw continual universal acclaim, unchallenged in his broad subject authority, and he remained peerless in his concise and oft humourous writing style. He had the canny ability to transport and create context around nearly any recollected observation when discussing sneakers, adding depth and seldom seen relevence in todays climate of working sneaker journalists. There was always valuable context with Mr.Warnett, and details, tons of it. It wasn’t really all just about the sneakers, it was also about where you were at the time those sneakers dropped (where you even there?) what you listened to, what films you watched repeatedly, what mates you had and so much more. All of it was important, and it gave what sneakers you wore, that importance. It informed and became the story surrounding it. And he was able to do this everytime, with any sneaker, album or film. It was a skill he had in abundance, making him the best at doing it.

In his own words, he once said of himself, he was just a ‘.. chancer’, ‘.. an elevated fanboy..’ to which neatly describes how little self importance he attached to these things, preferring to just let the written words speak for themselves, kindly proving to us all, where deep knowledge, true passionate obsession, can and will take you.

We here at EU Kicks send our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends, and may his work continue to elevate and inspire many more generations of obsessives to come.

Mr.Warnett, may you rest gently and in peace.










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