Nike iD Air Max Tailwind 4

nike air max tailwind 4 id Nike iD Air Max Tailwind 4
The Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 is now one of the kicks available to be customized on Nike iD around the globe.

  • Riz

    Is there anyway i can still purchase these shoes?

  • Anthony

    please please please email me back and let me know if i can still get this shoes somehow off of nike id or maybe just online somewhere…

  • ustrakstar


  • rw

    Is there anywhere to still get these shoes??? Does anyone know?

  • Galvin

    been looking for this shoe or where can i find these?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galvin

    send me any info on these. must have nike air tailwind4 size 8.5 or 9.0

  • oliver

    you can get them in australia

  • Muffy

    I been looking for these I must have the Nike air tailwind 4 size 5 1/2 boys please tell me where I can get them from I love these sneakers

  • sam

    ME TOO CANT FUKIN FIND THESE whats wrong with nike these dayz

  • Justin

    yo i been TRYING to find these shoes for years. Had a pair of white and navy/silver ones back in the day and they were one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever. Cant find them at all. Are we sure they are called the tailwind 4? cuz ive seen them called a bunch of things, but i remember they were tailwinds. Nike has been bringing shoes back, the new air max 95s with the 360 air bubble are DOPE, so hopefully they bring these back