Nike Air Max Plus (Tuned 1) “Rasta”

Nike Air Max Plus Tuned 1 Rasta Nike Air Max Plus (Tuned 1) Rasta

The colors black, red, green and gold represent Rastafarianism and are derived from Marcus Garvey’s Pan African movement last century and the gold color used in the Jamaican and Ethiopian flags. The colors have been used many times on footwear and apparel over the years. Here we see the latest sneaker to adopt the look, the ever popular Nike Air Max Plus also known as the Tuned 1 has just dropped in a black base with a nice blend of yellow, red and green accents. The these are apparently a Foot Locker Europe exclusive

Nike Air Max Plus Tuned 1 Rasta outsole Nike Air Max Plus (Tuned 1) Rasta

  • Bob Kailahi

    Could I order a size 14 for the Rasta Nike Tn 2011 please?

    • eukickstalk

      Wish I could but we don\’t sell sneakers, we report on them.

  • Kapeli

    where could i get these if it was too get sent too new zealand

  • beau geddes

    where can i get a pair ?

  • Sans

    If any1 can get these in size 11 US.. I’m willing to pay top dollar. Drop me a line –