Adidas “Adigames” Pack | ZX 500

ZX500 1 Adidas Adigames Pack | ZX 500

We have already bought you a preview of the Adidas ZX500 one month ago. Now we have additional information to share with you.

The Adidas ZX500 is part of the “Adigames” pack which is dedicated to the gamesconsoles you can find in Pubs.

The ZX500 model represents the first release of the pack, beeing designed as arcade gameconsole and comes with a 512MB USB stick containing a secret link to a special Adidas Game online. Already bespoke details include the rainbow midsole and laces, black patent leather on the upper and the arcade game circuit board print on the inner sole.

They are available at select Adidas accounts like Viennas Zapateria.

  • Scottie_UK February 4, 2011, 2:17 am

    The shoe is actually inspired by the ZX Spectrum computer which sold well in Europe in the early 1980's. The give away is the back of the shoe, it showed a a letter R > in a rounded square. This matched the R key on this computer. Also the rubber of the stripes and their color matches the rubber used to manufacture the keyboard for this computer. Finally the ordering of the colors {red,yellow, green cyan}, matches the rainbow markings which were printed on its casing to show it was a 'color' computer quite impressive at the time.